Paladin tier 17

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is this some weird bug innuendo


I Am Taking You To Our Leader

Chirp Clack Chirp Clack Skree Chirp Clack Skree

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I’ve Been Sitting Up All Night And My Back Hurts I Don’t Want To Type But I Want To Talk

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lets not open this can of worms

Would You Prefer To Open Another Can Of Worms

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i cant even see the post you just wrote is your keyboard working pup???

dave?? [static] da [static] …there? i cant [farting sounds via mouth that is supposed to be static]

contact your isp

She’s Clearly Going Through A Tunnel

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technobeatgraftboss liked your like post

Absylphe Liked Your Like Post Of My Like Of Your Post

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Primadonna Girl, yeah…image

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I saw that coming.

It Was Bad Enough That I Foresaw The Plot Twist Five Minutes From The End Of The Movie By The Time We Got To The Plot Twist Five Minutes Into The Movie

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Never Watch The Movie “House”

It’s Garbage Through And Through

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Watching House Right About Now !!

1hr 28m

A couple reeling from their child’s death are hurled into a nightmare when their car breaks down on a trip and they seek shelter in a nearby house.

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