Jewelry by jerseymaids

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Cancun Beach Mexico by EkaterinaGoroshko (Source:

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((okay but my main computer battery is shot and i don’t know how or when i’m going to be able to get a new one so i’m going to have to take a hiatus, i’m really sorry, everybody. this computer is just too slow to make rping a fun activity. people living in the hive can npc kanaya if they need to, or you can shoot me a message @ thebigdilemma either for my skype or to talk to me about plot stuff or whatnot

i love you guys and i hope you’re all having fun despite my devastating absence :P ))

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Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2014

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request (x)

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I promise it’s July

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vwhat’s a pirate’s favworite letter?

ye may think it be arr but his first lovwe be the sea.

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I Went To Select Fabric For The Dresses And Apparently In The Time I Was Gone I Was Both Grounded And Ungrounded

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The Faster I Do It The Faster You Can Review It And I Can Make Any Necessary Revisions

Sighin at you, lass… 8ut I suppose I can’t argue vwith that. Go at your pace, then.

Yes Sir

Plowing Ahead At Nyoom Speed

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