Name: Special Education (Feat. Janelle Monae)
Artist: Goodie Mob
Album: Age Against The Machine
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And I Neeeeeeeed You To Recover

Because I Can’t Make It On My Oooooooown

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I Fell Asleep Listening To M4 Part II And Crying

So Many Songs Out There And That’s The Only One That’s 8 Minutes Long That I Can Listen To All The Way Through

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"That’s true. Furthermore, this Karkat is not the one you’ve shared so much with. You can’t be reasonably expected to go about as if nothing has changed."

> He drops his hand from his face. That’s right. Kanaya couldn’t be expected to treat this Karkat like her matesprit. Even Xanthe had somewhat altered his own behavior with him. If only because he is still different even from when Xanthe first met Karkat, when she was still using male pronouns. It’s strange to straddle the line between polite formality behavior and familial behavior.

"You don’t have to meet him, or feel any pressure to do so. The Karkat you know will be back soon. And she will be as happy as ever to see you."

> Kanaya sighs softly and focuses a little, teleporting the plate in her hand onto the bed beside Xanthe, a little ways away. She rubs her eyes with her wrists and lets herself slump over the edge of the coon, seemingly devoid of energy.

"I’m sorry, I guess I’m not that hungry after all. I… I miss her, I suppose. I want to meet him, I always regretted meeting her under the circumstances I did, but… I miss her too much to be able to meet him right now. It would hurt too much. I know she will be back soon, but it’s so wrong for her not to be here now… she is always here."

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Name: M4 Part II
Artist: Faunts
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M4 Part II by Faunts

Mass Effect OST

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> He takes her up on her offer and sits on the bed nearest her.

"I understand what you mean. It’s not the same. The Karkat you know has gone through so much and has grown. This Karkat has yet to do all that. Though perhaps some things remain the same."

> He rests his elbow on his knee so that he can prop his chin with his hand.

"He needs to be assured that he is honestly loved. He enjoyed walking through the garden last night. He loves rose tea. And he doesn’t seem to mind much the clothes he has to wear. Might even like them. I think perhaps the differences are only on the surface. The Karkat you know is there. She just hasn’t been realized yet."

"Can I honestly say that I love this Karkat, though…? He is not the same one that I have professed my love to…"

> She stares at her plate and then toward the floor, letting herself be quiet for a few moments. She’s so exhausted, and she hasn’t even done anything.

"Emotionally, all I am right now is an exoskeleton — I feel brittle and empty. Offering my love under these circumstances would be… hollow. Not genuine. Maybe even cruel. I love who you become is not the same as I love you."

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I Can Either Try To Nap And Pass Out For The Next 20 Hours Or Force Myself To Stay Awake And Make Myself More Miserable

I’m Not Sure Which Is Preferable

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I’m So Out Of It That I Was Unfamiliar With The Url “Gho2ty”

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gho2ty replied to your post: I Want Kisses And Cuddles But At The S…

are you 2iick?

I Think So

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I Want Kisses And Cuddles But At The Same Time I’m Potentially Contagious And Covered In Slime So That Idea Isn’t Going To Happen

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